50 Million Dollars in Lab Tests Conclude it is More Potent than CBD Oil, yet 1/3 of the Cost

A Solution Partially Funded by Congress and Deemed Fit for the US Military 

I Partnered with the Man Who Forever Changed the Way the Government Views Vitamins...

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I have been working in several African countries over the past (5) years bringing nutrition to impoverished people. I study nutrition meticulously.

Hi, my name is Brandon Douglas. Outside of being an internet professional: I am a musician, father/husband, and I just finished my first book detailing some of my formative years I call: 

Ghana has a special place in my heart. It was the first place I started working with, and I got involved with a children's home that are supported by my work. Man, I love what I do.

I have made life-long friends and partnerships, but I have learned a thing or two about bringing nutrition to people exposed to stressful environments along the way...

Some of my boys supported by Ghana Make a Difference

He got to this point in his career through exhaustive research done in CO University labs, he had published over 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers documenting his discoveries (most doctors and scientists are lucky to get one published).

He was also the author of 25+ micronutrition books in the areas of nutrition and cancer, nutrition and neurological diseases - particularly Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, concussions, etc.

He was awarded (7) patents that all go into his micronutrition-based formula that has an incredible range from diabetes to hearing loss, and even heart health

He received approval to start testing his formulation from the United States Military who identified him as the absolute authority on micronutrients. They understood that the Russians had a micronutrient formula to protect their soldiers... Prasad said: "I have one that is better".  

Our story starts back in 2001 when the U.S. Military had been struggling for years with broken-down soldiers (both mentally and physically) returning from overseas conflicts.

A man by the name of Dr. Kedar Prasad, (the hero of our tale), was approached by the U.S. Military.  Kedar was considered one of the world's greatest medical scientists in Radiation Biology. He had found that utilizing "micro nutrition" was the best way to combat the damage done to the cells and DNA due to war-like conditions our troops were facing.

Do Any of these Sound Familiar?

Trauma: viewing death first hand takes its toll mentally on everybody

Depression: PTSD is a heavy burden and acclimating back to society is difficult

Radiation Exposure: heavy useage of radar and other military tech damages cells and DNA

Heavy Metals: from both shrapnel and toxic war environment 

Chemical Warfare: exposed to toxic pollution and enemy chemical weapons

Wartime Conditions: lack of sleep, ringing in the ears, stress, fatigue, & other environmental toxins

What Type of Stress was the Military 

Seeking Solution For?

According to a 2013 Harvard study, JoAnn Manson and Shari Bassuk were able to show that most multi-vitamins consumed do not deliver on any of the promised health-promoting benefits.

(27) trials involving more than 400,000 participants concluded that there was no clear evidence to prove multivitamins have ANY benefit.

Most Bodies Are Unable to Absorb Nutrition

Should We All Just Stop Taking Supplements?!

Of course not, but our ability to bring in those macro-nutrients that we all know are proven to be good for us (Vitamin C, B12, etc.) are having a tough time finding us.

Supplements Can Be Powerful

Micronutrition is the most powerful form of supplementation according to Dr. Prasad. More so than the herbs, superfoods, green smoothie type approach. Sure... those can help, but our military personnel needed a dramatic boost and protection to their immune systems. 


Wouldn't it be nice if every supplement we ever took was backed by millions of dollars worth of science lab research?

I personally would like proof, rather than WebMD links telling me how good the ingredients of a product are for me.  

Anybody can throw a bunch of ingredients together, but it takes the talent and training of a world-renowned chef like Bobby Flay to really make a plate pop!

 Dr. Prasad is the Bobby Flay of micronutrition.

A Scientific Approach to Supplement Formulation

(Worse yet, our troops kept arguing about whose turn it was to clean out the green smoothie juicer! Kidding.)

But supplementation in the wrong hands can be dangerous. That is why the U.S. Military required (14) stringent clinical trials spanning five years before approving it to be given to our troops in the field. They encouraged Dr. Prasad to go to Congress for additional funding.

Again, amazing attention to detail is required in dealing with vitamins.  Anyone can start a supplement company these days. But you can actually increase your health risks by taking a poorly tested formulation! 

     "In 2018 nearly 800 dietary supplements have been identified as containing unapproved drug ingredients."  - JAMA Oct. 2018

For example, Dr. Prasad discovered that Vitamin C reacts with iron to create dangerous free radicals! (Prasad came to understand that iron should only be consumed two hours before or after consuming Vitamin C.) Also, copper and manganese when taken improperly can create a dangerous build-up, these are heavy metals that your body is incapable of disposing of on its own. 

I mean, what multivitamin doesn't contain iron, copper, and manganese? They are vital micronutrients, BUT when dosed improperly they can be harmful. Dr. Prasad understood the intricacies of what needed to be kept away from each other.

You might as well taken your $30-$45 bucks and gone out and eaten at the Sizzler, rather than take a multivitamin found on the shelf at even your favorite health store


Poorly Formulated Multi-Vitamins 

Can Actually Harm You

The same principles that make micro-nutrition work, are the same as the intricacies required in the touch of a master chef

Too much of one thing, too little of another, and your mama's jambalaya is destroyed.

Let's Take it Back to the Kitchen

There are 30 vitamins and minerals that your body cannot manufacture in sufficient amounts on its own. These are called "essential micronutrients" and you need to take a supplement to get them.

Micro Nutrition Defined

Micronutrients are not needed in the same quantities as macros, however, are still equally as important. Micronutrients work together with macronutrients for body function and are crucial in maintaining energy levels, metabolism, cellular function, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Micronutrients are essential to the production of enzymes, hormones, proteins, and other products created by your body. Some micronutrients have a specialized role, while others fulfill a broad range of functions. They also play a key role in oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Mineral deficiencies can have lasting, detrimental health consequences in children and adults of all ages. Unborn children and the elderly are especially susceptible to micronutrient deficiencies.

We All Quite Possibly Are Experiencing Some Sort 

of Micronutrient Deficiency

Initial Military Packaging Given to Troops

Combination, Quantity, and Form 

Dr. Prasad obtained $12.5 million funded by Congress and an additional $11.5 provided by private funding. 24 million in total, before there were enough clinical trials, to ensure that Dr. Prasad's approach he has come to call "combination, form, and quantity" (or CQF) really worked.

Free radicals "steal" electrons and are created from our poor diet, stress, RF frequencies, etc. Antioxidants, that act as electron donors, are required in order to neutralize these unstable free radicals before they can damage healthy tissue by changing our DNA through a destructive process known as "oxidation"

Oxidative stress was a major concern for the Military as they had been studying its effects after 9/11. As they approached Dr. Prasad, they let him know that this was what they were trying to solve for. The inflammation caused by oxidation has been called by Time Magazine: "The Root of All Disease".

He introduced the need for this scientific CQF approach, which highly scrutinized and tested different combination sets, against various quantities, and different forms of vitamins for the best results. At the end of the trials, the evidence proved that what he had developed was what the Military was looking for. 

Legitimate Proof Validating this CQF Break-through

So like the French pastry chef, it takes the subtle nuances to perfect the plate of micronutrients that our bodies will respond to, just like the expertise required in preparing that cheesecake that makes our senses swoon.

The Ultimate Secret of Micro Nutrition Revealed

I have spoken with Dr. Prasad at length, and to be honest, it gets pretty technical to understand all the CQF science that has gone into his formulations.

But one of my major takeaways is he does not give all that your system needs in a pill, but the micronutrients stimulate your body to do the heavy lifting.

Much of his research showed that the enzymes, amino acids, etc. that our body generates, is more effective in healing our various issues than if we were to take a supplement supplying them (hence, most vitamins attempting to give your body a broad amount of nutrition don't work).

His work with micronutrition and deficiencies in the body brought him to the conclusion that if he could introduce the right micronutrient, your body will do the rest. Disease and other ailments occur when a biological process within our body stops working, so his work was all designed to unlock the body's full potential.

But this is where I get frustrated... his formula was never intended for public distribution, but he fought to bring it to the masses and the product he named Micro Daily has (7) U.S. patents supporting it and is now available to everyone.

We have so many charlatans masquerading around as health experts online that there is no clear path to understanding who truly is the real deal. 

It's as if we are all Dorothy, clamoring after the Great Oz to solve all our problems (yes, pun very much intended) and the real nutritional expert that the U.S. Government goes to is left in the shadows!

In fact, my frustration grows to anger because...

Proven Protection and Repair of our 

Cells and DNA 


Prasad's work with the military and many licenses and patents give us the quantifiable evidence that micronutrition works against oxidative stress and other maladies. Even if we are unable to feel or see everything happening within our cells and DNA when we take it, our body can be repairing itself.

Today, we are living in the war-like conditions Dr. Prasad was solving for.

In 2019, we live in a world of smartphones, WiFi (with the average home having 8 devices connected), smart appliances, 5G cell phone towers, etc. 

I think we can all agree that all this EMF radiation does stress our bodies.

Our Bodies Are Under Attack!!

Disease Across the Board has been on the Rise for Years.

Cell damage derived from oxidative stress are due to both environmental and food factors:

GMO technology did have noble roots. Basically, it was a failed attempt to generate food in a less expensive manner in order to feed the world.

Given my love for Africa, I can respect this. However...


It acts as a toxin to our already burdened bodies. Increasing our need for rapid cell repair.

Yet, we are getting no answers as to WHY we are seeing these increases.

Anxiety Medications Are at an All-Time High

Not only is anxiety common amongst our veterans and active duty, but living in today's high-paced schools and workplaces has us all of our internal engines running hot.

Regrettably, the number of children experiencing anxiety is going through the roof, and all of the tech they are exposed to is not helping that.

Anxiety and PTSD Major Concerns for Congress

Other than the major concern of high-frequency radiation damaging our soldier's cells and DNA, the U.S. Government understood all too well the need for an answer to the anxiety and PTSD-symptoms our troops were facing upon coming home.

Unfortunately, suicide numbers were off the charts.

According to the British Medical Journal: 

Big Drug Companies Spend 19 times MORE Money on Marketing than Basic Research [1]

Gary Greenberg from The New Yorker has said the following in his article, 

"The Psychiatric Drug Crisis":

And of course, the solution is their expensive pills, often with dangerous side effects.[3]

"The pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing diseases. The eradication of any disease inevitably destroys a multi-billion dollar market of prescription drugs. Therefore, pharmaceutical drugs are primarily developed to relieve symptoms, but not to cure."[4]

Anxiety medication is a $17.3 billion dollar a year industry.[4]

NOTE: This is not medical advice. No one should stop taking psychiatric drugs without doctor supervision.

[1] Light, D. W., & Lexchin, J. R. (2012). Pharmaceutical research and development: what do we get for all that money? British Medical Journal, 345(aug07 1), e4348–e4348. doi:10.1136/bmj.e4348

"They want to make everyone believe that all your problems in life — from depression to anxiety — are caused by a mysterious chemical imbalance in your brain. (Which there has never been any scientific proof for despite all the TV advertisements."[2])

[3]Anti Anxiety drug side effects | CCHR International. (n.d.). Retrieved February 15, 2015, from http://www.cchrint.org/psychiatric-drugs/antianxietysideeffects/

I love German doctors and medicine. Extremely intelligent and spend an exorbitant amount of time researching nutritional-based remedies comprised of all-natural supplementation like Dr. Prasad. It also appears that they can't be bought:

Dr. Matthias Rath

German Medical Researcher 

and Published Author

[2] Greenberg, Gary. “The Psychiatric Drug Crisis.” The New Yorker. N.p., 9–3 2013. Web. 15 Feb. 2015.

[4] BCC Research Report. (2010). Therapies for Depressive and Anxiety Disorders (No. PHM056A). Retrieved from http://www.bccresearch.com/market-research/pharmaceuticals/therapies-depression-anxiety-phm056a.html

54% of American Children Suffer from Chronic Illness

32 million kids suffer from chronic illnesses. I don't know about you, but when it comes to our society's failure to protect our children... 

...I am well beyond frustrated and say it is time to take matters into our own hands. 

ABC News: Rise in Child Illness Could Swamp Healthcare 

This is ridiculous! Entire websites with complete clothing lines designed to keep your unborn child safe from radiation. I mean, are we all supposed to get decked out in stylized X-Ray chest protectors? (I'm sure that will go over real big with the teenagers.)

Pregnant Women Attempting to Protect their Unborn Child

Pregnant women in China are required by law to wear them.

The Israeli Parliament passed a warning to be placed on all cell phones. It reads:

Women that carry their phones in their bra are finding breast tumors in the shape of their cell phones. Check out Youtube.

However, do you want to know my honest assessment?

Just after a 15-minute conversation, RF frequencies heat up our brains like we are being microwaved like Jiffy Pop.

I don't know about you, but I am guilty of having far longer conversations without my headset on.

“Warning – the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.”

France has even made it illegal for there to be WiFi in elementary schools.

You CAN Survive in this Stressful

Home Environment and World We Live in 

 [With that being said, here is my cabin getaway that is guarded by six feral cats we rescued. Full disclosure: I am using my "kitty voice", which is a combination of heavily rolling my r's, and a mix of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog©.]

Dr. Prasad has done the heavy lifting for us all, I for one am very grateful. Early in his work, he discovered that dopamine protected DNA against radiation damage (that I expound upon here), a complete pioneer in the field and the 50 million accumulated lab spend over his lifetime has gone into Micro Daily. 

In Prasad's own words:

"I have dedicated my life to protecting humans from ionizing radiation."

I sleep in peace and can feel the protection from the various hazards we encounter from our food, RF frequencies, to even the inevitable stresses put on us daily that can come in different ways. 

Dr. Prasad was awarded the following patent for his work using micronutrients as a protection against radiation:

We don't have to isolate ourselves living in a cabin off-grid in order to maintain the health of both ourself, and the health of our family. 

You can have protection and help against the stresses we endure from toxic surroundings to the food we eat. It is just so frustrating to me that you have to wade through so much of the muck, to get to the true substance. But sometimes, such is life.

So how do we proceed...

50 million (lifetime) spend on lab tests having proven results against the war-like conditions of RF frequencies, GMO foods, trauma, and other stress-related issues.  

Military-Grade Protection


Many times our society demands immediate results. Yes, this can happen, but the proven practice is to give your body consistent protection against our toxic environment.

Consistency is Key


Proven Absorption

Each bottle of Micro Daily has 120 capsules in it. Taking them in multiple doses, two in the morning and two at night has tested best for body absorption. 


I Have a Promo Code for 50% Off Your First Order

Again, this is what you can expect:

                                "Micro Daily has helped me lessen the pain and inflammation of my arthritis and bring my blood sugar back under control. This stuff is great."

Mike Piggot


Individual results may vary.

April 5th at 2:05pm

                                "Doing the Happy Dance💃this STUFF ROCKS!!! Only been on it for 10 days...

it's amazing better deeper sleep, my arm pain is gone that I had for over 1 month, I feel energized and since I had my Gallbladder removed and a hernia repair 6 years ago FINALLY No more discomfort, bloating and now regular digestion"

Agnes Saam

Individual results may vary.

March 31 at 9:25pm

Brent Fruzia

                                "Knee pain gone, Foot pain gone, Shaky hands gone, 10 pounds gone, laziness gone, trouble sleeping gone and I have only been using it 1 month!"

August 6 at 12:22pm

Individual results may vary.

                                "If you haven't tried this product, you definitely need to get out there and do whatever you can to get some! The success stories I hear every single day just blow me away! Aside from what it's done for me and my family, we couldn't thank the doctors enough for creating such a spiritual product! I definitely feel we have found the fountain of youth! Feeling thankful!!"

Kamie Curtis

Individual results may vary.

November 19 at 10:51am

                                  "Much better food supplement than any we've tried in the past several years. Our joints are relieved of much pain. We sleep better, and longer. More energy. Digestion is better."

Ed Wimberley

Individual results may vary.

February 6 at 4:09pm

                                "I love Micro Daily! I will never be without it! My 14 yr old autistic daughter and I both use it. My daughter has been pretty much nonverbal since 2 1/2 years old, severe gut issues. She is now talking, no more gut issues. No more constipation, no diarrhea, no more pain! I have had severe RA for 13 years, nothing helped; I was in severe pain, constant flares, no life just pain. I now have my life back because of Micro Daily. No pain, no swelling, no nothing. I also have 8 ruptured discs and intestinal issues. It's all gone. My daughter and I feel fantastic! Oh, and the natural energy you get is wonderful too. Love Micro Daily."

Patti Hilton

Individual results may vary.

March 31 at 6:11pm

                                "I've been taking Micro Daily since Oct. 2014. Working long hours I was really dragging each day. First thing I noticed with it was more energy! Today my reflux problems have dissipated, arthritis pain in my knee, arm and fingers also barely there. I haven't had a cold, flu or been sick as I used to. And, as a cancer survivor I feel confident that Micro Daily is doing its job working at the cellular level making new healthy cells. I would never stop taking it. Also, my husband David used to suffer with severe allergies every year. Since Micro Daily he hardly notices it all..."

Carol Leben

Individual results may vary.

August 11 at 11:02am

                                "I love Micro Daily... I worked there for over a year and absolutely love everyone in the company... <3. The product has absolutely changed my life and is a total life saver for me. I had many health issues, including a brain lesion, brought on by a stroke... without Micro Daily, I would still have trouble with mind fog and cognitive dysfunction. I have never been able to communicate with others as well as I do now. I had an accident in 2014 which affected my life in so many ways... if I miss a day of taking my Micro Daily, I notice the difference in being able to deal with the pain and inflammation from my injuries. I am also happy to say that the 6 autoimmune diseases that I was plagued with before, hardly bother me at all. I love this product. XOXO"

Kristen Ruth

Individual results may vary.

July 22 at 8:37pm

All reviews and testimonials were given without pay or prompting and can be found at the following url: https://www.facebook.com/EngageGlobal/reviews/


Damaged neurons, if not repaired, produce chronic inflammation that produces pro-inflammatory cytokines, adhesion molecules, complement proteins, and additional free radicals.

Chronic inflammation also contributes to loss of neurons during aging.

High levels of free radicals and low levels of antioxidants contribute to the loss of neurons during aging.

Thus we have a culture which asks: "will this fix my (insert individual issue here.) From sore wrists to sore backs... we want our specific ailment taken care of, and the right drug that says it can do it.

Will this Fix My... (Fill in the Blank)?

It's from our pharma-driven medical model that we get this attitude (billions in marketing goes a long way), but it is inherently flawed.

We are being told there are pills that fix certain ailments. But if we go off Dr. Matthias Rath (German doctor I quoted above), these drugs are created to ease symptoms and not to eradicate disease as we are being sold.

The root of all disease according to this Time Magazine feature is inflammation. It is found in every major disease, as well as the individual ailments that start to aggravate and slow us down as we age.

As we treat and solve for inflammation through micro nutrition, we feed our starving body in the area specific to where our body needs help most. Our body is responsible for the healing, not any drug, our immunity and repair systems are the true healers. As we strengthen our body's capacity to take on disease, we will start to feel the difference in a variety of ways.

Thus, the (7) patents Dr. Prasad was awarded deal with different issues and the testimonials we receive from Micro Daily use is varied:

Inflammation: The Secret Killer

Yes!! Drill Sargeant!! Wow, there is nobody I look up to more than these men and women. They take upon themselves stress that few of us can.

Dr. Prasad felt the same way and used these freak athletes in his trials. They all could feel the effects of his product in a way that few can because they push their bodies further than we do. 

Any increase that widens their capacities they will take advantage of. (They knew it as MMF or Military Micronutrition Formula.)

The Marine's Elite Helped to Perfect the Formula

Multi-Vitamins Use a Shot-Gun Approach

Micro Daily is designed to use laser-like precision to address what your body needs. If you have a micronutrient deficiency, it is formulated to supply this in the correct form that your body can actually absorb. This cuts right to the chase, and your body will tell you if it just got what it has been starving for.

Dr. Prasad was intentional on every ingredient's form, quantity, and combo. His research team in Colorado spent 50 million (during his lifetime) which helped to buy some absolute scientific precision. The results we are seeing along with what the Military saw speak for themselves.

Thus you avoid harmful side-effects from formulators just slapping it all together, all with the intent of doing your body more good, but is most likely doing nothing at all (like that Harvard test proved). Here is another MD site saying essentially the same thing.

Many products boast that they are 100% from nature. There might be many components formulated together, but the ingredients are all from the earth.

Nature vs. Formulations

I have had success with these products, and agree that the CQF found in nature is flawless. Thus, those selling these products claim you should never buy anything made in a lab (citing studies like the one done at Harvard that they are ineffective).

I have (2) major issues with this:

1.) Micronutrients are being stripped from our soils. Unless they are irrigating from the Fountain of Youth, even today's most organic plants and fruits are a fragment of what they used to be:

"Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today"[1]

Herbs, and superfoods simply lack the power that a lab can put together in order to protect us from our toxic environment, but they can certainly help.

2.) The biggest issues affecting our health today were not brought about by nature. They were man-made.

From what our troops are experiencing, to 5G towers emitting RF radiation, to the GMO foods our bodies are rejecting... this has all been our doing.

It makes perfect sense to me that a man such as Dr. Prasad could formulate a remedy using scientific methods powerful enough to help protect us from what we as mankind have caused in the first place.

If Nature had Caused this Mess, Nature would

have Provided the Solution

(nature is cool like that)

Hearing Support

"Increased oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are involved in the development and progression of hearing disorders. Micro Daily decreases both of these cellular defects. Therefore, I am not surprised that individuals are showing improvements in hearing."

I have spent most of my life with eccentric guitar players turning their amps up to 11, heavy hitting drummers, and my bass amps over the years blaring in my ears. Even with wearing earplugs, loud volumes take a toll on your body according to Dr. Prasad. Much like the sonic booms in battle had damaged the hearing of many of our troops through the loud noise and violent vibration. 

This is Dr. Prasad's answer when asked about this:

Here is the U.S. Patent 7,635,469 filed for hearing health:


They don't award you a U.S. patent for some fluke discovery. This takes a lifetime worth of diligence and quite honestly, some talent. 

Bobby Flay cooking talent doesn't come along every day. I mean, how do you even compete against other chefs serving up their very best dishes and the norm is for you to beat them!

It's just not the Oregon hippies complaining (led by Bill Walton), the east coast has issues with it as well:

Are 5G Towers Really a Threat?

Entire communities have been protesting these being built near their homes for years now. 

Instances of sickness are popping up from residences to dorm rooms too close to these RF radiation emitting devices: 

CBS News did an article on all of the many concerns from residences are having with the 300,000 new 5G towers being put up everywhere:

The entire state of California is fighting back here as many cell towers are being built in resident's backyards: 

Here is an entire site entitled: Radiation Health Risks that is dedicated to educating you on the health risks of  our "technologically advanced society". 

Their solution is to sell you various RF blocking guards in order to lessen your body's exposure. My claim is that these help, but our environment is far too threatening and the unseen waves too pervasive to attempt to wrap ourselves (or our families) in a faraday cage as we attempt to have a life outside of our homes. I did like their article running down the dangers of 5G:

Why 5G Towers are More Dangerous

Question: Are We Exposing Ourselves to Unsafe Levels of Radiation?

Fox News Medical Correspondant Dr. Mark Siegel had this to say in the above interview over RF radiation coming from Apple Airpod headsets that use bluetooth technology:

"I'm Not for This, and I DON'T THINK IT IS HARMLESS"

These Concerns Go Beyond that of a Left/Right Issue

Radiation Test with Russian Lab

The good news is that they didn't use chimps or monkeys of any kind in collaborative tests done on Russian soil, the bad news is that they used sheep.

Brutal, I know.

However, the results were such that they must be shared. 

Do you remember an old 80s movie starring Matthew Broderick called Project X? I remember it being traumatic for my young mind feeling for the chimps that would take on radiation poisoning, all in a test to see if our pilots could man their planes back to the base. So I feel for you if you don't want to hear this.

I know Dr. Prasad well enough to let you that he is a very, very sweet man, but I also know that his concern for our military was his #1 priority. So in cooperative research with Russian labs, they tested elements that went into Micro Daily on sheep that were dosed with radiation poisons:

The sheep lived on average for (7) days. After administering the Micro Daily, they lived to an average (38) days.

Sad that they still died giving their lives to science (I am a softy when it comes to ANY type of animal), however, this product was designed and intended with a military purpose in mind, these type of tests just came with the territory. 

The sheep were only given (2) doses, one seven days before the radiation and one seven days after

What type of protection could we be looking at with prolonged daily use?

Wanna Know How it was Tested 

for Humans?

Testing on sheep is one thing, but it is illegal to test radiation poisoning on humans... no matter how much you are willing to pay your test subjects.

We can thank all of those radiation-emitting devices that we find in our world today for the research Prasad and his team were able to do on humans! Our "high-tech" environment was the perfect medium to test the product's effectiveness. 

                                The results?

Thanks to Prasad's break-through in cooperation with U.S. Government agencies (But not the same agencies that viewed it necessary to radiate you right down to your underwear!).

You can feel safe whenever you travel or go to the dentist.

Projections going into the future until 2030 look pretty dim, an estimated increase of 112%. That's just eleven years away...

Diabetes Called: "Biggest Epidemic in Human History"[1] 

[1] Optum Article stating: "Diabetes is the Biggest Epidemic in Human History https://www.optum.com/resources/library/diabetes-backgrounder.html

When your body is fed the micronutrients it is starving for, it doesn't surprise me (any more) that a wide range of issues can be addressed. It is the body that does the healing.


Dr. Prasad was awarded this U.S. patent that addresses Diabetes through Micronutrients

Dr. Prasad and his team were also involved with the U.S. Army in collaborative research into the management of Type 2 diabetes through micronutrients for soldiers suffering from this.

 U.S. Army CRADA - W91YTZ-10-P-0773 

Stabilizing blood sugar is a must. Diabetes just became the #1 killer in Mexico, and it is having a massive impact on us here in the states as well. Here is Dr. Prasad's answer on how Micro Daily's patent may help keep your body strong and blood sugar stable:

"Increased oxidative stress due to the production of excessive amounts of free radicals and chronic inflammation initiate and participate in the progression of diabetes type II. All diabetic-related complications such as damage to the eye, kidney, and nerve cells, are due to increased oxidative damage and chronic inflammation. Even individuals with metabolic syndrome or obese individuals have elevated levels of oxidative damage and chronic inflammation. Micro Daily has ingredients that would decrease both oxidative stress and chronic inflammation at the same time. Therefore, it may be useful in the prevention and in combination with standard therapy in improved management of type II diabetes. Micro Daily in combination with standard care may also improve the management of type I diabetes. Consult your doctor before adopting these suggestions."

Do you hear what he is saying here? We are starting to sound like a broken record!

The secret is to mitigate oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, in anything your body is facing. All the testing and labor put into Micro Daily was done with this intent, to bring up your immunity to fight against these major reasons for disease.

Disclaimer: We are not attempting to diagnose, nor prescribe any type of medication that should take priority over any doctor prescribed medication to treat diabetes. Please, seek medical opinions and consult your doctor first on ANY signs of high blood sugar or if you have already been diagnosed with a diabetic condition. This is not intended to be any type of cure to diabetes, have your primary care physician contact me with any questions. I believe in working closely with the medical community.

Glutathione is an antioxidant enzyme and a good supplement of it worth its salt costs around $50 bucks

However, glutathione, when supplemented on its own, is completely killed in the gut according to Dr. Prasad. The majority of our $50 never makes it to the intended destination. 

(Click here for the theme song to Chevy Chase's Vacation)

One-Two Punch: Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC Creates Glutathione

However, the combination and quantity of Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC enable the production of glutathione to take place naturally in our liver (much cheaper).

It assists in tissue repair, chemical and protein production, and immune system enhancement. A very valuable enzyme.

If engaged properly, our own production of glutathione in the liver will start a domino effect of our body generating more protection for its self.

Again, a major secret of how micronutrition works is not to give your body what it needs in the form of a complete supplement, but to stimulate your body to generate cell and DNA repair on its own.

Teach a man to fish, right?

Micronutrients are essential to assist our body in the biological processes necessary to create help for each one of our body's specific needs.

Micro Daily has the right quantity of both Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC required for glutathione generation. Individually they cost you from the range of $12-$20 depending on the brand. There are cheaper ones, but undoubtedly 100% Frankenstein synthetic creations made in some lab in China and shipped off to your nearest Wally World.

How Important is Digestion... REALLY??

I have been involved with the supplement health game long enough to be called names by those dogmatic within the medical model for even mentioning "leaky gut".

Healthy Digestion Linked to Brain Health

John Hopkins Medicine is elaborating on this connection in this article. My wife (Jenny) and I even got involved with what is called the GAPS diet, which brought those dealing with huge digestive issues healing by bringing it back to the basics. Dr. McBride was able to treat her own child suffering from severe autism and it brought about impressive change.

The possibility that our digestive system was something more than just a food chewing factory was beyond them. However, today it is pretty much common knowledge and even the pharmaceutical companies have gotten into the act by patenting their own probiotic brands (which increase the "good flora" or bacteria within your digestive tract).

Hence, increasing our body's ability to produce enzymes on its own is incredibly important.

When the lining in our digestive tracts are inflamed, toxicity increases and our ability to absorb nutrition decreases. So taking a supplement that decreases inflammation in the gut is vital. Dr. Prasad also speaks of the toxicity that is created through everyday digestion, he has studied the micronutrients that will assist in that area by neutralizing any compounds that create toxicity.

My wife and I really like this place called Global Healing Center with Dr. Edward Group. We have done a lot of work through intermittent fasting and cleanses to keep our systems young based on their recommendations. Here is a very thorough breakdown of how important gut health is to our entire system.

Here is Dr. Mercola interviewing her and giving a summary on her book.

Micro Daily is not a complete solution for improving your gut, but I have given some valuable links above for your reference. However, Dr. Prasad did understand the importance of lessening toxins created from digestion and the need to decrease inflammation specifically in the gut lining. Prasad also says:

"Micronutrients Reduce Formation of Toxic Chemicals During Digestion of Foods."

I would consult with your doctor about the different types of digestive enzymes to supplement with. Our bodies ability to make these enzymes on its own has been severely mitigated, Dr. Prasad took this into account in his study of protective enzymes and I will be discussing his findings shortly.

How Micronutrients Can Protect Your Colon from Processed Meats 

I'm not going to stop eating them anytime soon, but I learned quite a few years ago to avoid what is called "nitrites or nitrates". Those are included by the manufacturer in order to preserve the meat against infection.

I try to buy it without these preservatives, but we are always sure to eat it fast!

Nitrates/nitrites bond with what is called "amines" found within our bodies. Unfortunately, this merger between nitrate/nitrite and amines create a carcinogen called nitrosamine. It is completely toxic.

Dr. Prasad found the exact micronutrient to neutralize nitrosamine that is known to wreak havoc on our systems... specifically on our colon. This is especially common for men, but telling most men they can't eat meat anymore would be even a tougher pill to swallow than the one we've got for you.

Dr. Prasad also found that using micronutrients to increase our bodies manufacturing of butyric acid helps protect the colon as well (A small fatty acid generated during fermentation of fibers). Here is a link to Dr. Axe expounding on its benefits.

But it wasn't Axe, but Prasad that discovered this connection between butyric acid and Vitamin E Succinate were powerful antioxidant agents back in 1982. Just vital that Butyric Acid is being generated within our body correctly. 

I still try and avoid nitrates/nitrites and are finding more and more labels at our grocery stores that are advertising their product is free of these...

...but I doubt the dude serving burgers on the food truck or at the county fair has looked into this.

Meats are tough to digest... they just are.

This one hits pretty close to home for me. Lost my pop at age 52 to a freak heart attack caused by a blood clot. He was a full-on athlete, took us all by surprise.

Heart Health: Another Big One for Men!

Dr. Prasad and his team of scientists were awarded a patent for their findings of how  micronutrients play a role in pulmonary and heart health:

The entire science behind micronutrition is to get your body kick-started again. The idea behind giving your body what it is missing has proven over and over again that results come in different ways. Hence it can be a benefit to any organ that might be ailing in your body.

It seems weird even to be explaining how much ground Prasad's break-through covers. I am honestly starting to feel like that guy from all those infomercials that says: 


Explanation of Why Antioxidant Enzymes 

are Getting Stuck

Dr. Prasad understood the absolute need for our bodies to be making both detoxifying and antioxidant enzymes, and dealing with resistant Nfr2 was a major break-through for him and his team. (NIHC.gov calls Nfr2 the "Master Regulator" of anti-oxidant responses.)

This gets down to the DNA level, just a few years ago there was the belief that your body was either blessed or cursed with the DNA it was given by our parents. Science understands now that cellular repair can be enhanced, and we desperately need this support because stress can also alter our DNA according to this Harvard study.

     It is the intent of my message to bring us to the realization that we are all under stress, however, there is hope and we can survive and even thrive in a very toxic environment.

Dr. Prasad Discovered Nrf2 can become active again through a Combo of Vitamin E, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Curcumin, Resveratrol, and Coenzyme Q10

(In the right quantity and form of course)


(Nuclear Transcriptional Factor-2)




During acute oxidative stress, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) activates Nrf2.



Nrf2 is moved from cytoplasm to nucleus and bonds with Antioxidant Response Element (ARE). This is the step where enzymes are released.




Chronic oxidative stress makes Nrf2 resistant to ROS... so it stays put, never leaving the cytoplasm and the ARE never signals the production of defending enzymes.

MicroRNA is Required to be Altered 

Your Body is Getting Stuck 

Producing Proteins Also

Activating the Nrf2 pathway for antixoxidant enzyme production done by the body is vitally important, but micronutrients are also the key to unlocking the production of proteins which protect the body as well. We need both enzyme and protein production happening in order to be healthy.

MicroRNA is just a fragment of this RNA, once again showing that the devil is in the details. There is a breakdown in communication from the DNA of how the proteins are to be made correctly. A Micronutritionist like Dr. Prasad has picked up on these intangibles where today's normal "multi-vitamin formulators" are way out of their depths.

CQF Antioxidants will Alter the MicroRNA that is Hindering Protein Production, and Put Your Body Back to Work! 

RNA we hear commonly in conjunction with DNA. Just to take you back to science class for a bit, DNA is our carrier for genetic information that we inherit from our parents. RNA's primary function is to act as a runner, carrying DNA info on how the synthesis of proteins should be handled. (I do hope you liked your science teacher so this isn't too painful.)

If you've got the right stuff, you are getting in the door and on the dance floor. If not, well... there's a Starbucks for you and your friends down the street.

60% of our cell membranes are made up of proteins. If we can regain our ability to produce proteins by altering MicroRNA, we become a tough regulator that can keep the riff-raff out! We can mitigate against disease entering into the cell and attacking various elements (for example, our mitochondria is under attack).

It is vital to strengthen our ability to regulate and distinguish what our cells need (good nutrition, oxygen, etc.), and what just needs to be left outside on the curb.

The Cell Membrane is like a 

Bouncer at a Club

Glutamate and GABA are forever linked together. If one is high, the other one is low, and vice versa. Both are extremely important.

The worst case scenario is when Glutamate levels are high. It indicates that chronic inflammation has taken its toll, and a serious condition is a result as GABA levels are dangerously low.

High glutamate levels overstimulate and are toxic to the brain. It is found to age and quickly degenerate the brain; high levels are always present in neuro-degenerative conditions such as ADHD, Huntington’s disease, PTSD, and autism spectrum.

According to Doctor Prasad: (2) forms of Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin B12 decrease the release and toxicity of glutamate and stabilizing low GABA levels.

The Glutamate and GABA Balance

Prasad goes on to say that Micro Daily is the only supplement that can decrease oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and release the toxicity of glutamate all at the same time through micronutrients.

Glutamate is a powerful excitatory neurotransmitter that is released by nerve cells in the brain. It is responsible for sending signals between nerve cells, and under normal conditions it plays an important role in learning and memory.

Discovery: Dopamine Protects DNA Against Radiation

It is vitally important to have healthy glutamate levels or else our body has lost it's ability to feel ALL the positive affects dopamine has to offer. 

Glutamate levels have been tied to drug use

The drug user gets the dopamine rush that he craves, however, over time it takes more of it in order to get the dopamine hit that at first came so easily! Over the past two decades researchers have been studying this link and Dr. Prasad has been able to correlate the absolute need to stabilize glutamate/GABA levels in order for us to have proper dopamine functioning: both as the feel good hormone, and as the protector. 

Yes, another Prasad find. Dopamine we hear about of course as our "feel good hormone". However, it does more than just send chills down our spine during an especially good experience out at our favorite Mexican Restaurant... 

...it protects us against our ionizing environment 

Viruses like the Flu Attack Mitochondria

These really bad viruses that can cause extreme hot flashes are attacking our mitochondria and we have had some nasty flu seasons the past couple of years.

My family would seem to be getting better, just to get worse... to feeling better again, to feeling even MORE down!

My wife asked Dr. Prasad about this, and he wasn't surprised that these flu's that were attacking a vulnerable part of the cell were so awful.

His answer, of course, was to strengthen the cell with antioxidants to have the body create better immunity against it.

Wish we had known about strengthening our cells and immune systems with micronutrients over these past few flu seasons. We have had just a brutal past couple of years! Sickness ranging longer, becoming more and more difficult to kick.


Disclaimer: There is no intent to diagnose, offer an explanation to, or give any other type of medical advice to the flu and other ailments that we have been experiencing. The design is just to identify mitochondria plays a role in these illnesses. Micro Daily is by no means a medical answer to the flu. As always, seek advice from your primary care physician (and tell him to visit this page! We work with doctors, chiropractors, ND specialists, etc. 

To continue with our science lesson, the mitochondria are found in large numbers in most cells. Many diseases can be traced back to non-functioning mitochondria within the cell.

ISIS is especially fond of using this nasty stuff on a population. Dr. Prasad in joint efforts with the U.S. Army tested his micronutrients against the damaging effects of this chemical weapon with much success.  

Cooperatuve Research and Development Agreement: CRADA-W81XWH-07-0321.

If it is effective on militarized chemical weapons made popular from WWII, it can pack a punch in even our toxic city pollution!

Protection for Troops Against Mustard Gas 

Micronutrition was even found to be highly effective in cold temperatures at high altitudes according to joint testing with the U.S. Navy 

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement: CRADA-NMRC-06-2384.

If you or anyone you know is going to be hiking Everest soon, better take your Micro Daily with you!

Protection Against Cold at High Altitude 

10 Most Common Indications of Radiation TOXICITY

1. Fatigue/Weakness

2. Sleep Disturbance/Insomnia

3. Headaches/Migraines

4. Brain Fog/Difficulty Concentrating

5. Depression or Anxiety

6. Memory Loss

7. Visual Disruptions/Light Sensitivity

8. Skin Problems

9. Heart Palpitations

10. Dizziness

5 Practices to Reduce Exposure to Wireless Radiation:

1. Keep your cellphone out of your pocket.

2. Use speakerphone instead of Bluetooth headsets.

3. Place your cellphone on Airplane Mode during sleep.

4. Turn off WiFi router at night.

5. Keep your laptop off your lap.

1. Decrease of Inflammation (root of all disease) - through micronutrion antioxidant production is most powerful I've come across.

2. Cell/DNA Protection at a Military Level - Activation of Nrf2 which produces enzyme protection and change of MicroRNA for protein creation guards against ionizing radiation.

3. Regulation of Glutamate/GABA - high levels of glutamate found in ALL chronic conditions and regulates dopamine release.

Summary and Conclusion

After 20 years of working within the natural health and nutrition arena, I have NEVER seen anything as unique and comparable to Micro Daily for (3) major reasons:

Micro Daily is the only supplement that brings all (3) of these powerful components into action. Many claim to battle free radical oxidation, (the green smoothie/essential oils crowd are all over this), but they lack the micronutrient component to take it to the next level. 

Micronutrition effectiveness is proven by science, it's just not my opinion. None of these companies have been awarded (7) U.S. patents for their "break-throughs". 

(Like the Pharma companies, they just have good marketing... this I can respect, but should not be the reason that an inferior product wins out.)

If you couldn't tell, I'm very passionate about this and I believe Micro Daily should be in every home... globally! I know that we've all been let down by a "pill" before, but I have attempted to clearly provide the evidence that verifies that Dr. Prasad knew what he was doing. In fact, to me... it represents protection for you and your family. That is kind of my mission statement in life, to be involved with people and products that serve to provide value, rather than just to put money in my pocket.

That was my complete intent in dealing with African countries. To provide the nutrition they needed. I was always sad to see the African children dealing with malnutrition when I was a kid. Maybe that song by Toto stuck with me as well.

So please, take us up on this 50% off on your first order offer as I only have the best intentions for you and your family. I would like to see you protected.

My very best regards,

Today, I see major problems in my own backyard, issues that many are completely unaware of. I also have reached my limit on supplements that over-promise and under deliver.

P.S. - If you found any of this informative... please share.

One Last Message from Me

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